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The Comp Lyfe Battlefield | 18650

  • Uniquely machined 24mm tube 
  • Fixed 510 hybrid top machined into the tube for enhanced conductivity
  • 4 vent holes
  • Recessed button your tube will rest on the housing instead of the bottom
  • Peak insulator for battery safety
  • Button uses magnets option to upgrade to other magnet strengths

The Comp Lyfe Battlefield Mini | 18350

We're taking it back with our limited edition 18350 Mini Series! 

  • Batteries: We recommend the black + yellow Aspire 18350 1300 MAH batteries 
  • Build: We recommend 28g dual parallels, 6 wraps around a 3mm diameter
  • Resistance: The range to stay within is a 0.3 to a 0.4 ohm build

The Comp Lyfe Battlefield Cap

  • Uniquely machined 22mm cap, made to be used with all 20mm Battle Decks (2post + 3post)
  • Sits flush with all Comp Lyfe Battlefield tubes
  • Not compatible with the BD#24 deck

______ ______ ______

    Matte Black Bearded Skull Setup | 18650

    • Matte black Battlefield (aluminum underneath) with Bearded Skull logo on the tube.
    • Raw titanium Battlefield cap with brass Battle Deck and grey acrylic drip tip.
    • Smooth matte black low rider housing (brass underneath) with brass Collector Series button and copper contact.

    Anodized Titanium Setup | 18650 (see description)

    • Anodized titanium Battlefield with a couple veryfaint dings on the tube.
    • Matching anodized Battlefield cap with brass Battle Deck and brass mini drip tip.
    • Smooth brass low rider housing with brass Collector Series button and copper contact.

    Matte Black | 18650 (see description)

    • This has a very faint atty swirl on the top. Nothing you'll see once assembled with a deck and cap!